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Project Bringing healing to prisoners through education in
Compassion Works for All
Dharma Friends Prison Outreach Project offers to
* Free Dharma Friends newsletters - Offering  commentaries,
meditations, teachings in physical, emotional, ethical, and spiritual growth
that can be applied to everyday life and which strengthen the practice of
each individual's own religion.
* Free donated books
* Support and counsel
* A caring community
* Guidance during life transitions for those leaving prison and for those
going to their executiions.

We offer to the community...
* Dharma Friends newsletter free by EMAIL if you give a $30 or more
donation, or by subscription ($30 per year) for hard copy

We want especially for those connected to people in prison to know we
are here to support them too.
Compassion Works for All is a
welcoming community and we know how hard it is to deal with a
society that is disenfranchising and unaccepting of your loved one.

* Two books written by Anna Cox - all profits financially support
Dharma Friends Prison Outreach Project:
Just As The Breeze Blows Through Moonlight,
a Buddhist story of life transformation: $23;
Dharma Friends: No One Abandoned, No One Forgotten, No
One Discarded
, life stories of healing in prisons along with Anna Cox's
commentaries on healing those who have been lost to society: $23

* Educational talks and workshops that bring awareness to the
community that education, healing and emotional support can help solve
the issues of violence and crime in our country.
To Contact Compassion Works for All,
C,  and
Dharma Friends Prison Outreach
by mail:
Compassion Works for All,  PO Box 7708,  
Little Rock, Ar. 72217-7708
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Dharma Friends Prison Outreach Project believes that no one should be abandoned, no one should be forgotten,
and no one should be discarded from our one human family.
Dharma Friends Prison
Outreach Project
is under the
umbrella of our non-profit
helps to support and promote
those efforts that benefit the
most forgotten and most
disenfranchised in our world. All
of our projects support the
teaching and development of
compassion as the most
effective tool to bring healing to
the world.
A gift for you!!
We have our two books by Anna Cox
here FREE for you to download and enjoy.
Of course, donations are always welcome
but this is in hopes that they will bring
you great benefit.
Click on either to read or download:
Dharma Friends and
Just As The Breeze Blows Through
Your donations ensure that our free
Dharma Friends newsletters to prisoners
will continue to offer them healing. We
appreciate your kindness.

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